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Do you know the Super Skills Challenge?

If you have joined a SportWays Overnight Hockey Camp in Amsterdam the last few years, then you probably know Thomas Tichelman his Super Skills Challenge. Never heard of this challenge? Then you are in for a treat. Every year, Thomas drives us crazy with his water cups, high speed exercises, and 1 vs 1 challenges.

The challenge is one big happening. An event itself. On every corner of the field something is happening, not a square meter is left unused. During the Super Skills Challenge you need to put yourself in the highest gear. Standing still is not an option, you can catch your breath when the challenge is over.

The explanation of the Super Skills Challenge alone is an experience. There are more than 15 exercises scattered across the field. The staff is lined up in a straight line and they will show the different exercises one by one. Are you the staff-member that has to show the first exercise? Then you need to repeat this, and again and again ... until all exercises are in full swing. Talk about high speed, right?

The Super Skills Challenge consists of several stations, the cups and the slalom poles among other things, all with a super high intensity. Every station has practice rounds before it merged into a battle. At all stations, you will ask the maximum of your individual skills, while using all ball carrying zones. But what is the deal with those water cups? Simple: if you hit one, you need to put it back up before you can continue. With water cups, it is easily visible if you hit one. Cheating is ruled out.

The Super Skills Challenge ends in a small arena. We challenge you to a 1 vs 1 or an individual challenge, while the crowd is cheering you on. Can you perform under this pressure?

Who is Thomas Tichelman?

Thomas Tichelman's Super Skills ChallengeThomas is the founder of SportWays Hockey Camps and is still very much involved in the development of our hockey programmes. He was the coach of the Dutch National Team (mens and ladies) from 2004 until 2014. During this period, he won three times gold (Champions Trophy 06, European Cup 08 and World Hockey League 14), and four times silver (European Cup 04, Champions Trophy 05, Olympics 12, World Cup 14). Besides this, he was also the coach of Bloemendaal Heren 1 for a while. With this team, he has won the national championships several times.