SportWays officially granted with Keurmerk Kindervakanties | SportWays

SportWays officially granted with Keurmerk Kindervakanties

Sportways Hockey Camps is now one of the few organisations in the Netherlands who is allowed to bear the “Keurmerk Kindervakanties”. Organisations who are certified to use this label, must demonstrable comply with strict and relevant criteria on safety, hygiene and quality. In doing so, we fulfill the highest standards in our sector. Without a doubt, this is something we are very proud of. Quality of our camps particularly is given the highest priority by us. An inspection on annual basis takes place on the following aspects:

  • quality of the location;

  • overall hygiene during the camp;

  • safety of the activities taking place;

  • safety of transport and the camp in general;

  • quality, continuity and intern administration of the organisation;

  • privacy concern of the participants;

  • providing information to parents/participants;

  • education, selection and quality of the camps’ staff members.

Joyce Mulder, Teamleader & Top Staff SportWays, about the grant: “The Keurmerk Kindervakanties gives us proper feedback on everything we do and ensures us to always have a critical view on our own policy. Besides, it is a great benefit to know we already were well on track. The environment, children and staff members are different in every camp, which is something we always have to approach in a professional way. For us as an organisation, that is a pleasure and challenging to achieve each time.”

More information is available at the website of Keurmerk Kindervakanties (in Dutch). Would you like to read more about our care and safety policy? Read it here.