Every year, we have hundreds of participants from all over the world at our Overnight Hockey Camps, and every year they fill in our evaluations. Time to talk about some of these numbers!

Our camps get an average of an 8.4 (2017), 8.7 (2018) and 8.6 (2019)!
We are very proud of that.

“A time I will never forget” “I had sooooo much fun” “Exciting and fun week, full of hockey, adventures and new friends” “Rather 1 year of SportWays, than 1 year of school” “A year without SportWays is a year not lived” “The best place to become an expert in hockey” “SportWays feels like coming home”

How do you rate our trainers?

  • 80% says the trainers are excellent
  • 19% says the trainers are good
  • 1% says the quality of our trainers is insufficient

What do you think of our hockey programme?

  • 95% thinks the demos are excellent or good
  • 89% thinks the clinics are excellent or good
  • 83% thinks the tournament is excellent or good

88% of all our participants says that they have learned new skills and tricks at our camps!

We combine our hockey programme with a social programme. What do you think of this balance?

  • 79% says the balance is perfect
  • 18% wants to play more hockey
  • 3% wants more of the social programme

Our social programme has some awesome highlights, such as the survival, the night game in the forest and the final party. Do you like the programme?

  • 95% is very happy with the survival
  • 89% thinks the night game in the forest is really cool (and also a bit scary)
  • 87% thinks the final party is a great success

83% of all the participants says that they have made new friends during the camp.

We value good nutrition and want our participants to have a good night’s rest. How do you rate the food at our camps?

  • 78% thinks the food is great
  • 17% thinks the food is ok
  • 5% does not like the food

Our participants sleep in big, firm tents, with a maximum of 8 participants per tent. What do you think of sleeping in our tents?

  • 86% thinks the tents are comfy
  • 10% thinks sleeping in the tents is not that comfortable
  • 4% rather does not sleep in a tent

81% of all our participants wants to join us again next year!